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    Large Scale  of Zinc furnace for reclaiming WC-Co materials enters the market.

    Total 20 Zinc Furnaces has been manufactured and sold around the world market. 4 units in USA, 2 in Korea, 2 in India, 12 in China.

    AddJinshan Industrial Zone, 
              Hetang District, Zhuzhou City, 
              Hunan Province, China



        Zhuzhou Diyuan Powder Metallurgy Furnace Co., Ltd was founded in January of 2003, which is a manufacturer specialized in the research , development and production of electrical furnaces for powder metallurgy, especially for hard metal manufacture.

    As a result of our high quality product and outstanding custom service, our products are appreciated by customers in China and around the world. We have established business relationship with customers in USA, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, etc. We can make design according to customers’ requirement and dispatch experienced engineers to join the Testing Running of the furnace if required.




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